Dear all, It’s our great opportunity that Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University is now opening for everyone to join our study programs by active recruitment activity. This upcoming activity will approach to three cities in Indonesia: Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Malang on 11 – 13 March 2020. The available study programs are 1. Clinical Sciences (International Program) 2. Joint Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology (Chulalongkorn University - University of Liverpool) 3. Medical Sciences (International Program) 4. Medical Physics and 5. Health Development (Clinical Epidemiology) (International Program). Now everyone can apply for the interview on site in Indonsia at from 6 January 2020 to 6 March 2020. Please come to join us.


Join now and get opportunities! Come to join our Onsite Interview in Indonesia and see more about our full scholarships, such as “ASEAN” Scholarship” which will provide student

1. Economy class round-trip ticket (actual paid but not more than 8,500 bath) to and from designated capital cities or principal cities.

2. Tuition Fees (tuition fees for faculty/special fees by the program are excluded)

3. Stipend and accommodation in the amount of 16,000 bath/month

Register to join the onsite interview (Postgraduate Program)