Ratchadapisek Research Funds (For graduate students, residents, fellows)

Ratchadapisek Research Funds Type I (Faculty of Medicine)

(For graduate students, residents, and fellows)


Application Period  (Fiscal Year 2024)

  • First Round : 1ˢᵗ December - 31ˢᵗ December 2023

(Results announced within February 2024)

  • Second Round : 1ˢᵗ- 30ᵗʰ April 2024

(Results announced within July 2024)


  1. Research project advisors should submit and print document W.2 (application form) through the research funding system ( and
  2. Researcher should submit the application form (document W.2) and project documents (W.3) along with an approval request memorandum for the Ratchadapisek Research Funds (Original document) at the Graduate Affairs Division on the 3rd floor of the Ananda Mahidol Building.


Remark : Electronic signatures are acceptable for the application form (W.2) and project document (W.3)


 Financial support :

-          Support budget does not exceed 150,000 baht.

-          Not including the main researcher and equipment costs.


Qualifications :

q Applicants must be civil servants or university staffs in the Faculty of Medicine or doctor affiliated with Chulalongkorn Hospital, under the Thai Red Cross Society and serve as the primary thesis advisor.

q They should have a graduate student under their supervision, whose thesis proposal has received approval from the Faculty or equivalent.

q Submit the evidence of student publication at least 30 percent of the total number of grants received in the past 5 years


Outputs :

At least one research article must be published in an international journal indexed in the ISI, Scopus or PubMed databases for each scholarship.


Download documentary at:แบบฟอร์มทุนวิจัยรัชดาภิเษกสมโภช

Ratchadapisek Research Funds Type I for applicant and reviewer at :



     Email: or

     1. K. Achiraya Mokkasak   Tel. 02-256-4475 ext. 18

     2. K. Kanta Wattanasetikul Tel. 02-256-4475 ext. 14