Welcome University of Liverpool Delegation 2018

July 3, 2018
On July 3, 2018 – Professor Bundhit Eua-arporn, Ph.D. – President of Chulalongkorn University, along with Assistant Professor Ackadej Chaiperm, Ph.D. – Assistant to the President for International Affairs, Professor Suttipong Wacharasindhu, MD – Dean, Faculty of Medicine, together with Professor Wasee Tulvatana, MD – Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs, Faculty of Medicine, and Assistant Professor Thananya Thongtan, Ph.D. – Assistant Dean to Graduate Affairs, Faculty of Medicine welcomed and expressed gratitude to Professor Luciane V. Mello – Director of Studies (MBiolSci), Director of Internationalisation (School of Life Sciences), University of Liverpool, UK.

Since 2014, Professor Luciane V. Mello has been invited to be a special lecturer for the International Workshop on Data Mining in Bioinformatics. For this year, the workshop was held on 2 – 6 July 2018 at Room No. 217-218, 2nd Floor, Padtayapat Building, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University.