Orientation for New Students in Master and Doctoral Degree Programs 2021

On Thursday 15th July 2021
Division of Graduate Affairs Faculty of Medicine arranged the Orientation for New Students in Master’s and Doctoral Degree Programs 2021 ceremony held virtually via Zoom Meeting. On the day, Prof. Suttipong Wacharasindhu, M.D., Dean of Faculty of Medicine, had given a welcome speech for new students of the academic year. The speakers on the event included Prof. Sutep Gonlachanwit, M.D. (Associate Dean of Graduate Affairs), Prof. Mana Sriyudthsak, D.Eng (Director of Office of the Registrar), Assoc. Prof. Wanla Kulwichit, M.D. (Associate Dean for Education Innovations and IT) and Miss Yanisa Noimee (Graduate Affair Officer). Moreover, Assoc. Prof. Taninee Sahakitrungruang, M.D. (Assistant Dean for Graduate Affairs), Asst. Prof. Wannarasmi Ketchart, M.D., Ph.D. (Assistant Dean for Graduate Affairs) attended the event together with other professors and students of the Faulty.